[Breja*, Taouz*, Taousz*] (LL6)

meteoryt jeszcze nie zarejestrowany

Spadek z 1 maja 2010 roku na granicy Maroka i Algeri
link: Big Kahuna - Breja (Taouz)
link: Rock from Space - Taousz 130,4 g

Breja fall - May 1, 2010 witnessed fall over Breja, Morocco/Algeria
At 3:00 am in the area of Breja, 35km north of Tindouf and east of Zag, many people witnessed a very bright bolide accompanied by a sonic boom and fragmentation event. Nomads recovered the meteoritic material in Algeria and transported over the border to Morocco, where my dealers were able to acquire them and from whom I purchased them August 9, 2010. A limited supply is available, but I expect to offer more individuals and slices in the future. These chondrites have very fresh, velvety black fusion crusts, with a light matrix with some metal inclusions visible through the crust, and magnetic susceptibility seems to indicate a LL6 type classification, but that is only my opinion.

hs 157.07 g

[Breja*, Taouz*, Taousz*] (LL6) [Breja*] (LL6) [Breja*] (LL6) [Breja*] (LL6)
Popękana skorupa Kołnierz ze stopionej materii Ślady kolizji z ziemią Ślady kolizji z ziemią
[Breja*] (LL6) [Breja*] (LL6) [Breja*] (LL6) [Breja*] (LL6)
Ziarna troilitu Linie spływającej materii Gruba skorupa Ślady kolizji z ziemią

[Breja*] (LL6)


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