JaH 026 (L3.1)


Jedyny przedstawiciel rzadkiej klasy chondrytów zwyczajnych L3.1 pochodzący spoza Antarktydy (wg danych MetDataBase)!
Cieniutka płytka.

 sc 11.92 g

JaH 026 (L3.1)


s 0.69 g

JaH 026 (L3.1)

Name: Jiddat al Harasis 026 (JaH 026)
Location: Jiddat al Harasis region, Oman; 19°13'42"N, 55°10'48"E
TKW: 565 g (17 pieces)
Find: April 26, 2000
Classification: ordinary chondrite L3.1
JaH 026 
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[MB 86, 87]

Date: 26 Apr 2000; latitude: 19°13.7'N longitude: 55°10.8'E
Mass (g):
565; pieces: 17 (Extended searches of that area produced no additional stones!)
Shock stage:
S3, weathering grade: W3
Fayalite (mol%):
1.14-39.2, ferrosilite (mol%): 2.23-30.1
classified by S. Afanasiev (Vernad) and A. Ulianov (MSUR); similar sized specimens also at MSUR.
PMD 41.5; FeO 9.95 wt%; petrologic type <3.4; Based on TL sensitivity data, this chondrite was assigned to subtype 3.1. Thin section studies have resolved an abudance of large, highly fractured chondrules of types RP, PO, and BO. Main mass with anonymous finder.


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