Koltsovo (H4)


sc 18.46 g

Koltsovo (H4)


sc 20.34 g

Koltsovo (H4)


Name: Koltsovo
Location: Kaluga District, Russia;  
TKW: 20.02 kg
Find: July, 2004
Classification: stone, H4, ordinary chondrite; S1, W1
Koltsovo detail

[Sources:] eBay, Vasiliev Sergey

History: One stone weighing 20.02 kg was found by Svetlana Murashova and Stanislav Murashov while collecting mushrooms 2 km SSW of the Koltsovo village. The stone was located at the edge of a ploughed field and was probably removed there during cultivation. No other meteorite fragments were found in the field by Dr. Andrei Stanyukovich of Moscow. 
Classification: (M. Nazarov, Vernad): chondrules of different types and their fragments are well defined; olivine, Fa20.0, PMD 2.7%; pyroxene shows variable composition, Fs5–24Wo0.2–7.2, the mean, Fs12.9Wo1.2; shock stage S1; weathering grade W1.
Specimens: 2034 g and a thin section, Vernad; main mass with the finders.


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