NWA 4422 (CK4)


s 0.70 g

Płytka kupiona w Ensisheim od Philippe THOMAS & Lea DEJOUY.

Name: NWA 4422
Location: Beni-Tajjite area, Morocco
TKW: 147.72 g (1 piese; main mass)
Find: 2006
Classification: carbonaceous chondrite, CK3 (CK3.9)
NWA 4422 main mass

[Philippe THOMAS]

Date: 2006
Mass: 147.72 g, pieces: 1
Class: CK3 (CK3.9)
Shock stage: S1; weathering grade: W2
Fayalite (mol%): 30.19, ferrosilite (mol%): 26.0
Comment: Chondrules are very large (cf CV), between these the matrix is completely crystalline; estimated subtype 3.9 (the large olivines in chondrules are not completely equilibrated). 3.79% Cr2O3 and 0.16% MgO in the magnetite (domain of equilibrated CK cf R.C.Greenwood and al. LPSCXXXV); the composition of feldspars varies between 34.8% An and 72.3%.
Info: Classified: M. Bourot-Denise, MNHNP; main mass, P. Thomas.
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