NWA 4664 (DIO-pm)


s 0.388 g

Meteoryt 'podobny' do meteorytów księżycowych! Cieniutka płytka 11,4 x 10,4 x 1,3 mm.

NWA 4664 (DIO-pm)

Name: Northwest Africa 4664 (NWA 4664)
Location: Sahara Desert, Africa
TKW: ~6000 g (1 piece)
Find: 2006
Classification: achondrite, diogenite (polymict-berccia), DIO

NWA 4664 (DIO-pmict)
NWA 4664 © MFarmer


This was a fragmented stone, with a total weight of only ~6 kilograms (several stones). A very rare type of achondrite, a polymict breccia diogenite (ADIO). The diogenites are basically formed in the upper crustal area of the Asteroid Vesta. This meteorite is unique, not like any other known meteorite. The entire matrix is made up of crushed-up clasts of various material, light green to white angular clasts. These make this meteorite resemble the anorthositic breccia lunar meteorites (which we thought this was until the data came in from the laboratory).


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