NWA 4967 (CO3.2)


sc 12.11 g

NWA 4967 (CO3.2)NWA 4967 (CO3.2)
photos: Marcin Cimała


Name: NWA 4967
Location: Erfoud, Morocco 
TKW: 689 g (1 pcs)
Find: Aug, 2007
Classification: stone, CO3.2, carbonaceus chondrite; S2, W1-2
NWA 4967 main mass


History: Complete specimen was put together like puzzles. One of fragments is black from outside, and other two are brown. Propably first one was on surface and two other was found underground. Meteorite have many very small chondruls. This is difficult to show on photos. Matrix and chondruls have similar, near black color. 


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