Ozernoe (L6)


sc 50.93 g

Ozernoe (L6)


sc 49.25 g

Ozernoe (L6)


Name: Ozernoe
Location: Kurgan Region, Ozernoe District, Russia; 54°54'N 62°48'E
TKW: 1.83 kg
Find: Aug, 1983
Classification: stone, L6, ordinary chondrite
Ozernoe detail Ozernoe main mass

[Sources:] MBD, Vasiliev Sergey

History: Two separate masses with a total weight of 3.66 kg were found in a pasture in the Ozernoe district, USSR by N.L. Khismatullin. The second mass was found in 1985. 1.1 kg USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow. (R.L. Khotinok, Meteoritika, 1986, 45, p. 108).
[Vasiliev] Another piece weighting 22.4 kg was found in 1980s. The recent analises shows that it is a main mass of meteorite Ozernoe.
  Szczegółowy opis historii ("Confused story of meteorite Ozernoe" – po rosyjsku) wyjaśniającej nieścisłości zapisów w katalogach i znalezienia 'nowych' okazów <.


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