Sacramento Wash 005 (H-metal)
(SaW 005)


It is a rare 0.27g individual of the Sacramento Wash 005 meteorite, which was found in the vicinity of the Franconia H5 strewnfield on May 18, 2004, with an extremely low TKW. A mass of 8.60g was found by Pete Meyers on May 18, 2004 (UA2006), and a mass of 43.7g was found by Jim Smaller on October 29, 2005 (UA2026). Reportedly hundreds of pieces from this fall, the majority of which are under 1g, have been found by a number of meteorite hunters as well.

The meteorite is classified as an H-metal and consists predominantly of Fe,Ni metal. Kamacite is the dominant phase, with taenite present as exsolution in the kamacite. Troilite (~19% of surface area) is present as elongate inclusions in the Fe,Ni metal, up to 2 mm long. Iron oxide surrounds portions of the troilite inclusions. Other minor phases include Ca phosphates, chromite, and rare metallic copper. A 2mm silicate inclusion in UA2006 contains Fe,Ni metal, troilite, olivine, pyroxene, plagioclase, Ca phosphate, and chondrules (predominantly POP, but also CC) with apparent diameters of 0.13 mm to 0.35 mm.

Specimen with a Gary Fujihara (Big Kahuna Meteorites) Certificate of Authenticity.

cs 0.28 g

Sacramento Wash 005 (H-metal) (SaW 005) Sacramento Wash 005 (H-metal) (SaW 005)


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