Ulyanovsk (H5)


sc 27.60 g

Ulyanovsk (H5)Ulyanovsk (H5)


s 6.46 g

Ulyanovsk (H5) Ulyanovsk (H5)


Name: Ulyanovsk
Location: Zavolzhsky District of Ulyanovsk, Russia; N5421'53.81"  E4835'29.21" 
TKW: 4680 g
Find: May 24, 2006
Classification: stone, H5, ordinary chondrite; S2, W2
Ulyanovsk main mass

[eBay, Vasiliev Sergey]

Ulyanovsk place of findHistory: One stone of the meteorite was found by S.G. Bildzyukevich, in Zavolzhsky District of Ulyanovsk, in a vacant lot, near the intersection of Antonov Avenue and Ulyanovsky Avenue. A part of the meteorite was sticking out of the ground by 2 cm and was polished by tires of cars going to the repair shop. A sample of the meteorite was given to the meteorite collection of the Russian Academy of Sciences by members of the Russian Society of Meteoritical Admirers D.A. Kazakov and Dr. A.K. Stanyukovich. 
Physical characteristics: One individual sample of the meteorite weighing 4680 g has a polyhedron, 16x16x12 cm in size. The surface was slightly covered by iron hydroxides.
Petrography: (Lorenz C.A., Ivanova M.A., Vernad) The meteorite contains olivine, pyroxene, FeNi-metal, sulfides, chromites and abundant (~80%) chondrules and their fragments. The chondrules range in size from 0,2 to 0,7 mm in apparent diameter to 0.3 mm. The chondrule margins are not clear and the meteorite contains a large variation in the textural types of chondrules including BO, PO, POP, and PP.
Mineral compositions and geochemistry: (Ivanova M.A., Vernad) Olivine is Fa17.9, and orthopyroxene is Fs16,1Wo1,2.
Classification: The meteorite is an ordinary chondrite of H group and petrological type 5, weathering grade is W2, and shock stage is S2.
Type specimen: A total of 960 g of sample and one thin section are on deposit at Vernadsky. D. A. Kazakov, Dr. A. K. Stanyukovich and S. P. Vasiliev hold the main mass of the meteorite.


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