Wellman (c) (H4)


ep 323.1 g

Wellman (c) (H4) Wellman (c) (H4)

The Wellman (c) meteorite was found in Terry County, Texas. First recognized as a meteorite by Glenn Huss in 1965, for the next twenty years he continued to collect meteorites from the region, ending up with about ~40 kg. by the mid-1980's. The meteorite has been classified as a H4 stone chondrite. The half stone shown here weighs 322.9 grams and has a polished face. This sample appears to be heavily shocked. The crust on the other side of the meteorite is typical for this meteorite and has nice thumb pitting. Different meteorites find in the same area are known as Wellman (a), Wellman (b) and Wellman (d).

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