tektite Atacamaite

art. Devouard B., et al., 2014, A new Tektite Strewnfield in Atacama, Chile, 77th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting (2014). Plik PDF.

Atacamaite New Tektites Strewn Field!
Tektite Atacamaite 1.91 g golf-club teardrop shaped + beaded, top AAA from Atacama Chile
size 26mm x 8mm x 7mm

I was lucky to find, during my last meteorite trip in September 2014 with my brother Jim, a part of this new strewn field of tektites.
—Luc Labenne

cs 1.88 g

tektite Atacamaitetektite Atacamaite
tektite Atacamaite
photos: Luc Labenne


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