Pułtusk for sale
Kilka pięknych, ¶wieżo znalezionych Pułtusków!


Description (opis)

1578 g ! (cs)
Amazing specimen, absolutely Museum Quality, with some well defined regmaglipts.
Good quality of fusion crust (about 96% of fusion crust). Specimen was carefully cleaned with soils. It is the biggest find from recent years.

dimension: 145 x 122 x 75 mm


222 g (cs)
Beautiful individual specimen, with primary fusion crust (about 95% of fusion crust). Specimen is not cleaned.


270 g (cs)
Absolutely great pieces of Pultusk. Specimen shows two types of fusion crust primary fusion crust (with some regmaglipts) and secondary.  Specimen was carefully cleaned with soils.

dimension: 65 x 45 x 48 mm


70 g
Lovely pieces, great quality of fusion crust (about 50% of fusion crust) shows how great is preserved (specimen are not cleaned). On broken part clear visible chondrules. My favorite piece.

dimension: 51 x 30 x 22 mm


733 g !
Big size Pultusk, not jet cleaned.

dimension: 112 x 70 x 65