Izarzar (H5)
(syn. Beni Yacoub)


Fragment opisu z aukcji eBay:
Fresh 17.36g fusion crusted fragment of Beni Yacoub meteorite that was witnessed falling in Moroccan skies on November 5, 2012*. Meteorites have been slow in surfacing, and only sporadically over the last 13 months. Visual inspection of the meteorite lithology through broken fragments reveals a pale, friable matrix made up of multi-sized and -colored chondrules. Many of the chondrules can be plucked from the matrix with no trouble, and the matrix is chalky in consistency, which reminds me of Bjurbole L/LL4... The specimen comes with a Big Kahuna Meteorites Certificate of Authenticity.
* Spadek miał miejsce 23 października 2012 roku (meteoryt został zgłoszony do Meteoritical Bulletin)

fc 17.31 g

Izarzar (H5) Izarzar (H5) Izarzar (H5)
Photos: Gary Fujihara (Big Kahuna Meteorites)


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