Mifflin* (L5)
[syn: Wisconsin, Livingston]


Jeszcze nie sklasyfikowany i nie zgłoszony do MDB spadek z 14 kwietnia 2010 roku w Illinois USA.
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sc 1.67 g

Mifflin (L5)

 link: RfSPD 25/04/2010; 26/04/2010; MCottingham; ...

4/14/2010 Wisconsin Fall:  TKW estimate, Update #2 (05-05-2010)

Steve Arnold:  42g, 3.6g
Larry Atkins:  at least one find (Ref: RFSPD 4/25)
Karl Aston: 160.7g
Mike Bandli:  6.552g individual (purch. from anon. hunter)
Jim Baxter: 152g, 20g, 17.67g
Bergmann find:  27-gram oriented shield
Terry Boudreaux:  48-gram fragment purchased from landowner, donated to Field Museum
Derik Bowers: 2 fragments that fit together, + 1 small frag: total 73g
Bren (farmer's wife): ~100g
Greg Catterton:  12.4g, 79.8g (purchases)
Sonny Clary:  205.6g (Brix find), 144g, 16.8g
Michael Cottingham: 51g (hammer), 60g
Mike Farmer:  131g, 38g, 20g, 17g
Ruben Garcia: 25g, 9.2g, 7.7g, + others?
Mark Hirsch:  at least one find
Mark Hugill:  11g (purchased by Terry Boudreaux)
Greg Hupe:  33.7g
Jerry:  ~5g
Joe Kerchner: 332g
Bill Kies:  38g, 44g, + others
Marvin Killgore:  ~300g
Dylan Kindall: 2 individuals, 1 fragment, totalling 19.3g
Jason Lawson:  4 fragments totalling 14g
Jackson McCluskey:  35g
Mike Miller:  7.7g, 9.6g, + at least 2 more
Stan (last name?): 21g
Todd Parker: 108g
R (landowner): 6-10 stones, 5-10g each, currently on display at UW-Madison **
Dave Schultz:  20g + ~25g?
T (landowner):  126g stone
Wade (farmer):  7.5g initial hammer find sent to UW
Robert Ward:  41g, 53g
Rob Wesel: 219.2g
Eric Wichman:  14.5g, 19.9g, 18.3g, + others?
Robert Woolard:  3.2g, 11.8g

Unnamed Iowa-Grant schoolgirl:  ~20-25g
Sister of Ashley Liddicoat: 176.1g (in Steve Arnold's possession)

Total # of stones: 71+
TKW of stones above w/known masses: 3261.82g

** Note: For the stones on display at UW-Madison, I took the average of the estimate: 8 stones, total mass of 60g
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