NWA 5205 (LL3.2)


fs 12.48 g

NWA 5205 (LL3.2)NWA 5205 (LL3.2)
photos: Marcin Cimała


Name: NWA 5205
Location: Morocco/Algeria 
TKW: 4kg
Find: 10.2007
Classification: stone, LL3.2, ordinary chondrite; S2-3, W3
NWA 5205 main mass


History and physical characteristics: Several dark brown stones with little remnant fusion crust were purchased in Erfoud in October 2007. TKW is ~4kg.
Petrography (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU): Polymict breccia with a wide range in chondrule size (0.3 to 11.1mm). Several igneous-textured, non-chondritic enstatite objects (2–7.5mm) are also present. A few very unusual FeS – Fe oxide- bearing veins (<one mm thick and >2.8cm in length) transcend a 6.5x2.6cm slice. Chondrule mesostasis is nearly free of devitrification. Olivine in type II chondrules is strongly zoned. Weathering grade is W3 and the shock level is S2/3.
Mineral compositions: Type II PO olivine is Fa7.4 to 38.7, Cr2O3 = 0.07 to 0.48, peak at 0.28 wt.%; FeO/MnO = 42–54. Enstatite in non-chondritic objects is Fs0.02Wo1.0.
The only other types LL3.2 listed in Met. Bulletin: NWA 2769, NWA 4497, NWA 4651


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