Oued el Hadjar* (LL6)


ep 7.13 g

Oued el Hadjar (LL6) Oued el Hadjar (LL6) Oued el Hadjar (LL6)

 endcut weighing 7.1g, dimensions: 23x18x13mm
with fusion crust, many sharply defined chondrules and iron flakes in fair grey matrix


fc 2.09 g

Oued el Hadjar (LL6) Oued el Hadjar (LL6)

fragment weighing 2.1g, dimensions: 17x13x10mm
with fusion crust and a big chondrule


fc 3.04 g

 Oued el Hadjar (LL6) Oued el Hadjar (LL6)

fragment weighing 3.04 g, dimensions: 25x14x7mm
with fusion crust

Name: Oued El Hadjar
Type: LL6, S2, W0/1
Date of fall: March 1986
Total mass: 1216g
Place: Oued El Hadjar - Djebel Bani - Morocco
Coordinates: 30°10.48'N  -6°34.38'W


Oued el Hadjar (LL6)
MB85 (2001)
Classification: Mineralogy and classification (A.Sexton, OU): olivine Fa30.0; pyroxene Fs22.0; shock stage S2; weathering grade W0/1. Specimens: 18.6 g, OU; main mass with anonymous finder. OU: Open University - UK
Remarks: A stone fell near a girl's tent during spring 1986, two weeks before her wedding took place. The stone that fell from the skies was broken into pieces by the guests during the ceremony, looking for gold that might have been hidden inside by God. They only found stone!
13 years later the story reached M. Franco's ears and he decided to search for that meteorite. With the help of people living in the area he found some fragments... This fragment is one of them
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